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Best of both worlds

Pro-Flex LP Align


Nothing I can’t do

The main difference for me is the shock absorbing quality. I do CrossFit and do a lot of weight lifting, and with this foot, I feel I have more control. The foot also gives me more energy return than before. My CrossFit experience is progressing tremendously; there is nothing I can’t do!

No compensation

My gait has improved a lot and it’s even less obvious that I have a disability. I feel more on par with my colleagues when striding down a corridor. And, at the end of the day, I’m not so exhausted anymore.

In addition to this, the pain I used to have in my right hip when walking (I’m a left leg amputee), has reduced considerably! It also doesn’t cost as much energy to take a step, compared to my previous foot. My body doesn’t have to compensate anymore at all!

It makes a huge difference when I walk on uneven ground, especially on grass, where you can’t see the flat ground underneath. I am completely balanced and safe.

Part of me

The foot works for every aspect of my life. I can change the alignment easily when I change shoes or want to walk barefoot, so I don’t need to take the foot off at all during the day. It is part of me now. It has adapted to the way I live my life and continues to support me throughout the day.