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Problems with Pro-Flex LP Align – “I now have too many shoes to wear!”

Pro-Flex LP Align


What an invention for prosthetic users: the Pro-Flex LP Align. I adjust the alignment of the foot, depending on what I’m going to do and the shoes I want to wear and I don’t compromise on the correct alignment of my prosthesis anymore. The fact that I can make the alignment myself, adjusted to the shoes I am going to wear, has a huge positive impact on my posture. And the more I wear this foot and the more I adjust the alignment, the easier it goes. Changing it doesn’t take longer than one minute!

Nevertheless, this leads to other problems… I now find myself with too many shoes and my wardrobe is too small! I used to wear the same shoes almost every day; shoes with the same heel height or flat sole. Now I have a closet full of different shoes: casual shoes, sneakers, shoes for work and everything in between. A luxury 😊