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“It makes everything in life a little bit more beautiful”

Pro-Flex LP Align


Annemiek has been wearing the Pro-Flex LP Align since July last year and is extremely happy with it. “Ever since the first steps it feels great: the smoothness of the foot, the roll over from the heel to the toe, the ease of use to help you walk naturally; it all feels amazing and my body is in full balance. It doesn’t matter on which surface I walk or whether it has inclines or declines. It doesn’t matter whether I walk in the sand or one a hard surface: the Pro-Flex LP Align keeps me in continuous balance and gives me peace and stability. And that makes me feel confident when I walk.”

5 times a day

“I change the alignment of the foot about 5 to 6 times a day! It’s incredibly easy and quickly done. I always walk around barefoot at home, and when I go to work, I can now match my shoes with my outfit. When I get home, I love to take my shoes off and I quickly change into sports gear and shoes, to workout. And when I have arranged a nice evening out with friends, I change shoes and outfit again! It’s amazing!”


“Not too long ago, I attended a business party at my husband’s work. A gala evening! For the first time I was able to wear elegant, matching shoes with high heels. I can’t even describe how that made me feel!”


“For me, it’s a unprecedented experience: going to a shoe shop, knowing that you will go home with at least one new pair of shoes, maybe even more! I can’t choose anymore, just because I have so much choice now! Recently, I walked out of the shop with three new pairs of shoes!”

The feeling of being a woman

“Walking on heels gives me a very feminine feeling. It’s very personal and hard to put into words. It feels like I’m not different anymore, that I count. It might sound strange, but the higher my heels, the more gracefully I walk! It is more dynamic and very smooth. It gives me a lot of self confidence and makes everything in life a little bit more beautiful. It makes me feel that I don’t have a disability and that I can be who I am. Only a few centimeters taller than before.”

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