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Pro-Flex LP Align – the correct alignment and the shoes you want to wear


Imagine this: you have an important appointment today (a date, a job interview, …) and you are standing in front of your wardrobe. What are you going to wear? And which shoes are you going to wear with it?

Imagine this: you come home after a day of hard work and you are looking forward to relaxing. You want to take your shoes off and walk barefoot through the house…

Have you been in one of these situations? And if so, was your experience as easy as described? Probably not. As an amputee, you can’t just change your shoes or walk barefoot, without affecting the alignment of your prosthesis. The alignment is set to your posture and the shoes you wear most often. When you change shoes and these shoes have a different heel height, you also need to adjust the alignment of your prosthesis accordingly, in order to keep a healthy posture. If you don’t adjust the alignment and you do wear shoes with a higher heel or walk barefoot, you are likely to get (lower) back injuries or knee injuries.

But… do you return to your CPO to change the alignment every time you wear different shoes? Probably not, because that would mean visiting your CPO a few times per week, or even every day! Luckily, now you can adjust the alignment yourself, with Pro-Flex LP Align. Up to a heel height of 7 centimeters, you can wear any shoe style you choose and adjust the alignment of your prosthesis easily at the touch of a button.

In a quick and easy instruction video we explain how this works. By aligning your prosthesis quickly and correctly, you are able to prevent back or knee injuries caused by incorrect alignment. Whatsmore, you can wear any shoe you want or walk barefoot without any problems!

Paola and Kostas have been using Pro-Flex LP Align for quite a while now. They share their experience here:

Is this an option for you?

Do you think you might benefit from this foot too? Please contact your CPO to discuss the possibilities.